Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. How long the course will take to complete?
Ans. We offer 50 classes, thrice in a week between Monday to Saturday, evening classes between 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm, which will take three and half months to complete. The sad part is that we could never finish on time; eventually the course runs for more than 50 classes, since the course connects you training programme with us.

Ques. What will be the timings for the classes?
Ans. The classes generally get started 5.00 pm onwards, but for the conveniences to all it can shift to latest by 6.00pm, in such cases classes will continue till 10.00pm. Again the sad part is that we could never finish on closing time, and often our students hang on till midnight for experimenting on different issues.

Ques. Can I get an appointment to meet and talk personally?
Ans. Of course, you can visit to the school along with your parents, friends, spouse or any other well wisher to discuss about your ambitions, difficulties or for a simple chat in art and photography. Make sure you visit the school between 5.00pm to 9.00pm on any working days having a prior appointment from Mr. Goutam Basak. To contact, please call 9880331422 or 9449369396

Ans. The camera is the tool for photography, which is a must to practice the subject. During the class having your camera of your own will get you lot of advantages to understand your tool and its usages. On the other hand during the class we give you demonstration with our equipments and accessories, but we don't have renting out facilities.

Ques. When should I buy the camera?
Ans. If you haven't got your camera its good news, since specifications do vary according to subject of specialization. Shortly during the course you will realize in consultation with us, what is the camera that you will be looking to invest, which also fit to your budget? If you have got one and it’s a DSLR camera then nothing to bother much.

Ques. Could I have any particular specification for the camera?
Ans. If you are looking to know any model then I will strongly recommend studying post servicing facilities of a particular model and also it's availability of equipments and accessories in the local market.

Ques. Do I get a certificate after the course?
Ans. As a photographer nobody will be ask you for a certificate, if not you are applying for a Government job; people will demand to see your work, Yes, you do get a certificate, but you also should know we are not affiliated to any educational department. However we are trying for one in the near future.

Ques. What would be the total cost involved for the course?
Ans. Your total tuition fee is Rs. 35,000/- .

Ques. Can international students too join to this course?
Ans. Any international student can join to our courses having all necessary formalities which support for their stay and take various courses from the country.

Ques. Can I join to Part II course programme directly?
Ans. Absolutely not, after finishing of Part 1 programme an intensive examination will be conducted and thereafter according to your performances you will be offered for Part II programme.

Ques. Is it necessary to complete Basic course before joining for Pro Part 1 course?
Ans. Basic course is must for everybody, but for the students of Part I programme the basic will be covered for the benefit to save your time, energy and money.

Ques. What is a student's portfolio?
Ans. During the course you will be getting a wide exposure to the various field of photography. Your work need to present in an emphatic manner for the people to judge your understanding and knowledge towards photography. A collection of all of your work will have to present by you at the end of the course is called student portfolio.

Ques. Briefly tell me about Drishti School of photography.
Ans. Drishti is a place for the people to believe that anybody longing to be a photo artist is possible to accomplish with key factors of 'protection, perfection and perseverance'. Our students get taught in photography with different specialization ranging from commercial photography to documentary photography and cinematography. We are specialized to train fine art aspect of photography to our student.

Ques. Briefly tell me about the courses.
Ans. We offer two different courses in photography, Basic and Professional. Basic course is for the group who wants to understand what is photography, how the camera to be used, what is composition, how the light to be used and many such primary understandings. But professional course will give in depth knowledge along with demonstration which you will understand the contribution of science and logical interpretations. This course also gives you in detail ideas to work in the different field of photography. Students will be guided to prepare their portfolios under supervision of the faculty. Under this course programme you will be also trained in Photoshop a post production tool and a sound knowledge in cinematography.

Ques. If I miss any class in between the course, how can I make it up?
Ans. You are always allowed to take refreshing classes with the other batches in future. That is how you can make up your missed class and also by attending refreshing class you got to build better confidence in your subject. We don't take any fees towards this facility since we genuinely wish you to grow and work as a true professional in the future.

Ques. Do you offer only in fashion or Photoshop Post production classes?
No. But I also wish to share; in pursuing towards fashion photography you will not find any differences in photography. To become a fashion photographer one need to understand perception of fashion, attitudes of the model, application of light to contemplate mood and expression of the model, and finally to create successfully the emotional story of the background.

Ques. Can I expect any future support and facilities from the school?
As I have shared Drishti is not a school it’s a family. Our students are our family members and they get constant support through out.

Ques. I am interested for the course, how can I register myself?
We will appreciate you to come and meet us along with your financier or guardian for the mutual benefit to understand each other. If you are confident you will then register for the course with Rs 5,000/- towards registration fee. The rest of the amount you can clear on the opening day of your class. You can as well clear the amount in two installments with in a month.

Ques. Do you offer any other interested programme?
Yes, we offer you programmes like exclusive portfolio preparation, photo-biking, photo-travel to different exotic locations, weekend photo walk within the city, quarterly get together in improving social relations with other students, exhibitions of the latest students work, e-magazine for wide circulation and many other interesting things.

Ques. How can I get connected with other students of the school?
Our quarterly meet, e-magazine, and Drishti alumni 'Drishtikon' will connect you with all other students.

Ques. Do you offer any placements in the industry?
The opportunity to work as a salaried photographer is a very weak option in our country, on the other hand working as a freelancer for advertising agencies, news agencies, and also working as a businessman will give you a greater satisfaction. Our students are placed and working at Nikon India, Cannon India, International Cruise lines, and many other departments as well. Bottom-line, no we don't have any placement services.

Ques. Can I talk to other students?
You can contact and send mail to [email protected]

Ques. Without any background of art and photography can I learn this subject?
It’s an interesting question. Before I answer let me tell you, half knowledge is always dangerous. So if you don't have any prior experience in photography its good news to us.

Ques. Having some past experiences could I expect to learn anything more from the course?
Difficult to answer, since I don't know anything about your past experiences. The best suggestion is to visit our student gallery and watch out different student's work and then perhaps you will find an answer for you.

Ques. Do you regularly follow up/update all enquiries?
Not really, not that we are lazy but we are acute short of time.

Ques. Do you offer any weekend batches?
In recent past we used to offer, but we realized to give extra time to all our students after finishing there courses. Sunday is the day we have most hectic schedule with our all students like morning outing, studio-shooting, photoshop corrections, photo-biking and many other activities which has proved very much wanted and satisfactory. This is the sole reason for our incapability to offer the service of weekend batch.

Ques. Your timing of the classes does not match with my timings. How can you help me?
Its sad to say I can't help you out.

Ques. Being a lady is difficult to travel during night time, do you offer any morning sessions?
I understand your problem traveling at night all alone but you can always travel together with our other students if of course anyone is there from your side. But no we don't offer any morning sessions.

Ques. I am placed to other corner of the town; do you have any centers to the other part of the world?
We are very small organization, hope to have few other centers elsewhere in near future.

Ques. I am an outsider; could you help me to find a PG accommodation near the school?
Yes, we will help you to find PG accommodation near our school.