Beginner Courses

Weekend Beginner: The course consists of a total 12 hours of class which includes operation of camera and accessories, loading the film, calculating the exposure, fundamentals of lights, basic composition with one half a day outdoor practical and slide shows.

Morning Beginner: The course consists of 2 Sunday morning sessions, 3hours of each session and a half a day outdoor practical. However the course contents remain same as Weekend Beginner.

Course Outline Time Subject
Day 1 5.30pm-7.30pm Introduction to Photography
Day 2 5.30pm-7.30pm Do's and Dont's, Interactions
Day 3 7.00am-11.00am Shooting Hobby Photography

Professional Courses

Professional Course - Part 1 : Day 1 to Day 50, 45 evening part time classes and 5 outdoor shooting demonstrations, a total 200 hours of classes, most of which deals with practical on still life, portrait, fashion, outdoor landscape, night photography and digital photography. This course deals in-depth theories of photography like critical exposure calculation, critical focusing & depth of field, lenses and accessories, filters, studies of different light, colour temperature and a thorough study of the rules of composition. The course will provide a complete understanding of camera, teach how to process digital photographs with Photoshop application and learn how this media can reveal one's own perception. At the end of the course a selection of 20 best finished photographs will be submitted for the final evaluation.

Course Outline Subject Course Outline Subject
Day 1 Welcome introduction to the course Day 26 Guidance to professional shooting
Day 2 Camera & eye Day 27 Introduction to Light
Day 3 Camera & eye Day 28 Portrait light (Butterfly light)
Day 4 Camera & eye Day 29 Portrait light (Short and broad light)
Day 5 How can I take good photographs? Day 30 Portrait light (Split light)
Day 6 Elements of good picture Day 31 Portrait light (Rambrant light)
Day 7 Fundamentals of Composition Day 32 Portrait light (Back 45 light)
Day 8 Fundamentals of Composition Day 33 Portrait light (Rim light)
Day 9 Fundamentals of Composition Day 34 Background light
Day 10 Elements of composition (Tone & hue) Day 35 Product light (Cubical shape)
Day 11 Elements of composition Day 36 Product light (Cylindrical shape)
Day 12 Elements of composition (Movement) Day 37 Product light (Spherical shape)
Day 13 Elements of composition (Color) Day 38 Product light (transparent and translucent objects)
Day 14 Elements of composition (Symbols) Day 39 Product light (Metal and glass objects)
Day 15 Elements of composition (background) Day 40 Light brushing Techniques
Day 16 Fundamentals of good composition Day 41 Introduction to Photoshop
Day 17 Importance of Photography in different fields Day 42 Introduction to Digital Art Photography
Day 18 Introduction to basic camera controls Day 43 Styles of presentation
Day 19 Creativity of lens Day 44 Photography Business Management
Day 20 Understanding focus, focal length and magnification Day 45 Art of photography vs Art of Business
Day 21 Aperture system Day 46 Valedictory session and certificate distribution
Day 22 Shutter system Another 5 days of outdoor practical demonstration
Day 23 Camera exposure
Day 24 Depth of field
Day 25 Film speed and white balance

Professional Course - Part 2 :

Course Outline Subject
Day 1 Assignments on Still life
Day 2 Assignments on Food
Day 3 Assignments on Jewelery
Day 4 Assignments on Conceptual shots
Day 5 Assignments on Abstract
Day 6 Assignments on Industrial  Product shootings
Day 7 Assignments on Underwater product photography
Day 8 Assignments on Fashion
Day 9 Assignments on Lifestyle portrait
Day 10 Assignments on Fine art of nudes
Day 11 Assignments on Candid portrait
Day 12 Assignments on Street photography
Day 13 Assignments on Children Portrait
Day 14 Assignments on Professional Wedding  photography
Day 15 Assignments on Interior architecture
Day 16 Assignments on Exterior Architecture
Day 17 Assignments on Low light Landscape Photography
Day 18 Assignments on Sports Photography
Day 19 Assignments on Stage & Theatre  Photography
Day 20 Assignments on  Photo Documentation
Day 21 Assignments on  Special effect Photography
Day 22 Assignments on Macro Photography
Day 23 Assignments on Nature Photography
Day 24 Assignments on Arial Photography
Day 25 Assignments on Automobile Photography
Day 51 to Day 100 Different commercial assignments with portfolio preparations.

The students are expected to regularly attend all the classes. However, if classes are missed with prior intimation or otherwise, it is usually possible for the student to cover the particular topic up with another batch.