About Us

A vision to promote the subtle subject of photography as an aspect of fine arts – which is not an easy task. One can notice that photography as a subject of fine arts lacks respect in the country. With an aim, a Drishti, to project it as a subject of interest, Drishti School of Photography has been seriously working towards igniting an interest for photography in the mind of people who come from various walks of life. Our Drishti is to promote photography as a subject of fine art. The school offers an incredible source of inspiration in the form of a diligent teacher, Goutam Basak, who is ever ready to share his rich experience with the students and the members, fused with the passion of its alumni to share their ever-growing knowledge.

A doting bond is established between the students and the school, helping students to perform better with a zest in them. Students of the school range from IT professionals to graphic artists, from entrepreneurs to students of other forms of Art. With a broader perspective, the school further aims at establishing a full-fledged institution to conduct courses that'll accommodate a large number of students, and support them with necessary infrastructure. It shall also set up a perennial gallery of exhibits in the future.

The school owns 35 mm, 120 mm, Digital format cameras & gadgets, Professional lighting systems, Lots of creative backgrounds, Digital workstations, Studio space, In-house state of the art Printing system, Facilities for black and white photography and a Well equipped library.